Fuck poetry.

“Were Never Married” by Jackson Eaton

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Learn The Move

Daphne Groeneveld

Oh the cunts!

Oh the cunts!

They wear me down

Stressing my nerves

With their incessant cares

Lies and beliefs

My mind is unhinged

Shaky, unsure

Broken, no cure

The ills of this life

My poor genes too

My family of feeble, fickle and broke

Emotional people

Who fiend for some worthless thing

I hate my boss like the best of them


My people!


I have no friends

It’s a travesty, but

I‘ve barely enough time to breathe

Between the brutal hits

I endure

Day after day

Concealed in the words of men and

Wicked women.


Photograph by Franko_Wictor.



Photograph by Franko_Wictor.

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